Organic All Season Australian Wool Filled Duvet (Woolmark & Oeko-Tex Quality Certified – Washable) Double – 80” x 88”

$299.99 $249.99

  • 100% Australian Organic Wool Filled Duvet, Lightweight Duvet for All-season Use, It is not Heavy but It is Warm, Breathable and not Overheating, Organic Cotton Japara Outer Shell, Superior Temperature Control, Naturally Dust Mite Resistant, Naturally Resilient, Biodegradable, Sustainable and Renewable Wool, Wool is the Most Fire-Resistant Bedding Material in the World
  • Wool Controls Humidity and Body Temperature by Drawing Moisture Away From Your Skin and Breathing, Keeping You Warm without Feeling Wet, Wool Boasts of a Natural Breathability Hence it Manages to Stay Cool All through the Summer, Wool Duvet Lets You Feel Very Comfortable All Seasons, Wool is Naturally Hypoallergenic, Which is a Great Asset for Those Who Suffer from Asthma or Have Other form of Allergies
  • This Product has Two Quality Certifications, It is Certified by the Woolmark & the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex except GOTS
  • Dry Cleaning is Recommended for any 100% Pure Natural Wool Made Product but the Product can also be Washed, if Necessary by Using the Proper Methods Listed Below, Imported Duvet
  • Designed in Australia; Manufactured in China; Double size: (L) 88″ x (W) 80″ or (L) 223.5 cm x (W) 203.2 cm
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The organic all season wool duvet provides a natural consistent regulated sleep. It also ensures a pure & comfortable sleep environment. Australian wool comes from the perfect climate and landscape that produces some of the finest and cleanest natural wool in the world. The clusters trap air in tiny pockets for even warmth distribution. Wool makes an ideal fill for bedding and provides lightness and comfort all year round. Organic wool duvet is encased in an organic cotton cover. Organic wool is produced to a rigorous standard. The sheep are raised on organic pasture and feed, free from agricultural contaminants. Once the sheep have been shorn the wool needs to be cleaned. Organic wool is cleaned using only hot water and vegetable based soaps with no carbonization. It is a resilient material and doesn’t compress over time the way other materials can. Wool insulates incredibly well and maintains an even temperature. Your body will be able to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, meaning you won’t wake up or sleep restlessly due to temperature. It is a complete myth that wool is hot. Wool is an incredible material and will allow air to pass through easily in order to keep the temperature down when it is hot. Wool has the unique ability to absorb the moisture without getting damp. Woolen fibers have a self-cleaning mechanism which forces moisture to the surface where it dissipates into the air, preventing dampness from penetrating to the core of the duvet. Washing Instructions: To ensure long life & infrequent cleaning, you can maintain the duvet by spot cleaning, if required. If necessary, it must be washed in cold water on delicate cycle using detergents used for delicate fabrics. Must use commercial size washer or dryer. Do not wring or twist or bleach. Air dry in a large size dryer on cool or line dry. Hanging to dry is preferred (if outside away from the direct sun). Avoid the direct sunlight. Must dry completely.