Super Soft – 500 Thread Count, 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set (Grey, King)

$199.99 $129.99

  • 500 Thread Count for Ultimate Softness & Comfort, Stylish & Smooth Natural Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Organic Cotton Sheet is Hypoallergenic, Helps to Absorb Moisture from the Body during Sleep, Regulates Body Temperature, Does not Contain Dust Mites, Softer and Easier on Skin, Keep You Comfortable All Year Long, Helps to Sleep Better
  • It is Sustainable & Biodegradable, It is More Environmentally Safe and Healthier than Non-Organic or Synthetic Sheets, Organic Cotton is Pigment Free, It is Grown without the Use of Toxic Pesticides or Fertilizers, Provides Vital Support to the Organic Farming Industry
  • Sheet Set Includes Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet and Two Matching Pillowcases, 15 Inches Deep Pocket, Machine Washable (Please Read Below for Proper Washing Instructions, with Proper Care, Organic Cotton Sheets can Provide Years of Comfort), Imported Sheet Set
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Update the look of your bedroom with this organic cotton sheet set. The 100 percent organic cotton construction gives this 500-thread-count sheet set a super soft feel that helps keep you comfortable all year long. There are two primary reasons to choose organically-grown cotton sheet. The first is your own health, the other is the health of the earth. And they’re inseparable. When you choose sheets made with organic cotton, you eliminate an important source of chemical exposure in your home because you sleep in close contact with your bedding materials. Organically grown and processed cotton will not expose you to herbicides, fungicides, or other chemical residues. The environmental consequences of conventional cotton production are horrendous. Conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any crop on earth and more of the most toxic kinds. Organic cotton fibers are grown naturally without the use of chemicals or steroids. Organic cotton sheets are biodegradable, good for the environment and safe for humans. Organic sheet helps to create a better world for upcoming generations. You can rest assured that you are sleeping on pure and natural sheets that help to rejuvenate the body and revitalize the mind. Washing Instructions: With proper care, organic cotton sheets can provide years of comfort. But if not cared-for properly, they can develop a rough texture and have a shortened lifespan. Wash them alone, do not wash and dry organic cotton sheets with any other items. Machine wash, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach and mild soap. Drying: Hang to dry, If using dryer, use air cycle, no heat or dryer safe, lower setting, do not overheat, remove them immediately when dry. Fluff them out on the bed for a few minutes to let them relax before folding. Iron as needed on lower heat setting.