White Down All Season Duvet Queen

$199.99 $149.99

  • All-Season, Natural White Down Duvet, 100% Cotton Shell, 233 Thread Count, Advanced Box Design
  • Filled with 80% White Duck Down and 20% White Duck Feather, White Down Duvet is Very Capable of Absorbing and Transmitting the Body’s Humidity Outside the Bed
  • White Down Has the Ability to Trap Body Heat Within the Loft of the Filling, Keeping You Warm All Night Long, Down is Highly Breathable, Able to Wick Sweat & Moisture Away from Your Skin & Will Keep You from Overheating, This Duvet is Lightweight to Sleep Under and Will Keep You Warm without Adding Extra Weight & Bulk
  • Imported Duvet
  • Queen Size: (L) 90″ X (W) 90″ or (L) 228.6cm X (W) 228.6cm (Approx.)
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This is a soft, warm and comfortable white down duvet. From the moment you cover up with this duvet, you will notice how much warmer you feel on a winter night. One of the greatest benefits of down is the ability to trap body heat within the loft of the filling, keeping you warm all night long. Down and feathers are highly breathable, able to wick sweat and moisture away from your skin and will keep you from overheating. If you tend to be a warm sleeper or feel clammy at night, you can maintain a more even body temperature through the night with this duvet. It is lightweight to sleep under and will keep you warm without adding extra weight and bulk. This duvet offers ideal sleeping comfort. Down is lightweight and assure excellent climate regulation. A pleasant warmth quickly spreads during the sleep and the absorbed perspiration is being eliminated. This duvet contains down embedding large quantities of air pockets which act as an insulating layer. The percentage of air reduces the weight of the duvet in proportion to its volume. Hence white down duvet keeps the body warm and comfortable during the sleep and are very light at the same time. Prior to use: This duvet is vacuum packed at the factory. To activate (fluff up) the down, shake your duvet for a few moments. Full lofting of the down will usually occur within 24-48 hours. Your body warmth will enable it to loft even more.